Premier Gundogs
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Dale and Kris Taylor
3400 W Pella Rd
Hallam, Nebraska 68368

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Fall Flight
Boykin Spaniels
Photos at 5 weeks of age
Next planned breedings...June/July 2020
call or email for information on this planned breeding
All Fall Flight Boykin Spaniel breeding and breeding dogs carry health clearances
through Orthopedic Foundation For animals for Hips, Eyes, Hearts and Patellas.  Also,
DNA panels for genetic inherited diseases.  
All of our dogs have earned the CHIC (Canine Health Information) logo for having all
health clearances completed as per the Boykin Spaniel Society.
All litters are registered with the Boykin Spaniel Society, American Kennel Club and
United Kennel Club
Premier Gundogs'