Dale and Kris Taylor
Hallam, Nebraska 68368
Copyright 2005
Dale Taylor
Dale Taylor started working with dogs along side his
Grandfather, an avid Springer Spaniel man, at the age
of ten.  His first hunting dog was a little Springer
Spaniel pup named "Sue" that his Grandfather bought
for him in 1972.  Dale recalls his Grandfather bringing
pigeons out to the farm he grew up on to develop a
strong bird drive/prey drive at an early age. He also
learned there was no shortcuts in the teaching stages
of training, that will allow you to shorten or more
quickly advance. The foundation stage was everything.
Dale trained several different breeds of hunting dogs
as kid growing up on his family farm, selling them as
started hunting dogs in the fall before Pheasant &
Duck Season. His favorite breed as a kid was Golden

At the age of 18, Dale started to Professionally Train,
Handle and Trial UKC Treeing Walker Coonhounds,
titling his first customers dog a Grand Night Champion
in 1982. Many wins came over a 4 year stretch, before
switching back to Upland and Waterfowl Retrievers.  
Dale also majored in Animal Science/Pre-Vet in college
and relies on both his "on the job" training and his
college experience for health and nutrition of your
Kris grew up training and showing both pleasure and performance horses.  She quickly was exposed to the
world of hunting dogs back in 1984 when She met Dale. Her soft handed approach and ability to understand
how animals think, helped her transition quickly to Gundog Training.    
Dale purchased his first Labrador in 1986. A little black female who was a daughter of "The Marathon Man".  
Now for the first time training with the more advanced concepts in Hunting Retriever Training, he quickly fell in
love with the challenge and rewards associated with those techniques and started down the road of becoming a
full time trainer. Dale serves as Pro Staff for DT Systems Electronic Training Devices and Spring Creek South
Dakota Outfitters. He has held training seminars and lectures around the United States and has been featured in
various hunting magazines, radio & TV