Dale and Kris Taylor
3400 W Pella Road
Hallam, Nebraska 68368
Advanced Hunting Retriever Training on Land
With Our Advanced Hunting Retriever Training we now are building the finished Hunting Retriever.  The
key to solid finished work is
"Repetition with Attrition".  Your retriever will now be taught how to mark and
retrieve multiple birds down, how to be "steady", how to run and handle on blind retrieves and how to
honor another retriever.  
Copyright  2005 Dale Taylor
Here, a 12 month old is being taught
how to hunt from and retrieve to her
"Place".  She learns this skill on land
first before heading out on the
Here we are starting blind retrieve work . This training includes running to the Pile, Force to the Pile, 3 handed casting drill,
running & handling on a T pattern, running & handling on a Double T, Pattern Blinds, Wagon Wheel Drills, no-no drills, etc.
Once completed you will have a nice dog that can transition to cold blind retrieves on land.