Retrieving desire is also developed at this time.  Most young pups have the desire to pick up and carry.  We can capitlaize
on this desire by creating a game that is fun.  Small bumpers that are easy for pup to handle are best to use at a young age
so the pup does not get discouraged and has good experience.   As the pup gets a little older, this game builds retrieving
desire and helps aid in a pups ability to mark the fall of a bird all at the same time.
Pointing Dog Training





A 12 week old pup pointing off scent
Retrieving of fresh killed quail is also done at this time.  If you want your
gundog to retrieve birds naturally, they must start picking them up at a
young age.  You will not be hunting bumpers!  
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At right,  a 6 month old Brittany "Honoring" naturally, the point of a 7 month old GSP.  As we stated
above, young dogs learn through what is called, "imprinting".  This pup has "imprinted" by
association, that the sight of another pup on point, means "BIRDS"
A six month old pointing
a pheasant in a food plot
Our building blocks approach to Foundation
Training brings out the pups natural predator
instincts. By allowing the pup to point and chase
birds they cannot catch, we create staunchness on
point, a strong desire to hunt for and locate birds
and build confidence in the field.
Foundation Training.... is the most important part of any and all bird dog training. Unfortunately, it is all too often hurried, short changed or
left out completely.  The vital ingredients that make up any bird dog are the love of birds, be acclimated to gunfire and be confident in their hunting
environment.  These are the essentials that any and all other training is built upon and must be properly introduced to ensure a bold, confident
Our Foundation Training Programs teach the pups where to hunt for birds.  Young pups learn by
"association" or "imprinting".  By allowing the pups to find birds in true hunting cover, the pups imprint
where to hunt for birds.  Our training grounds provide several types of cover such as food plots, CRP
and brome.  The pups quickly learn to aggressively search these areas and are rewarded by finding,
pointing and chasing birds out of the heavy cover.
A pup that is bird crazy is easy to gun break.  Not until the pup is pointing and chasing birds with confidence, do we
introduce gunfire. This method of introducing the sound of a gun ties the flight of birds to gunfire. Pups advance quickly
from the sound of the .22 crimp, .209 primers and then the sound of a light gauge shotgun.        
Many young pups as early as twelve weeks will retrieve quail, hen pheasants
and small ducks.  By not allowing your dog to pick up and retrieve birds at a
young age, during retrieving drills, lessens your chances that he will retrieve
birds naturally as an adult.  Many dogs as an adult do not want the feathers in
their mouths if they were not made a predator when young.
For a truly Finished Bird Dog, nothing beats having a dog UNDER CONTROL in the field and the home.
Our E-collar field training will finish your Pointing Dog to a high bragging rights level just like the dogs below!