The Upland Hunting Retriever Training program in use by Premier Gundogs dates back some 40
years.  The processes of teaching the dog to quarter, teaching to "Hunt Dead" and developing
strong tracking abilities really hasn't changed much in all these years.  While these same basic
principals are still in use today we have also incorporated the common modern techniques such as
the conditioned retrieve, collar conditioning, etc .

With all flushing dogs we use quail, pigeons, chuckar & pheasants.  We use clipped wing running
pheasant for tracking skills and all upland dogs are taught to hunt and retrieve in all types of cover.  
All upland dogs are taught to quarter off the whistle and sit to the whistle. The whistle allows us to
keep the dog in range and is used to call the dog off of hens and missed birds.  We also expose
your dog to different hunting grounds to socialize them to as many different hunting scenarios as
possible.  Advanced work would include sit to the flush and steady through the shot
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Pointing Labs
Our Pointing Labrador Upland Training program is designed to bring out the natural staunchness in your Labrador, while
incorporating the same fundamentals that all flushing dogs need.  Dogs are worked on liberated & wild birds to ensure
that the dog can not creep in or break point and catch the bird, which creates a strong desire to stay on point.  This
training also allows the owner and dog to compete for a Certified Pointer title from the American Pointing Labrador
Association, if desired.

For those wanting to have a finished Pointing Labrador, we use training methods that are very similar to our pointing dog
training. This type of training teaches the dog to hold their point and be steady to wing and shot, allowing the hunter to own
a first class Pointing Labrador and compete for advanced titles.