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Hallam, Nebraska 68368
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5 week old pup retrieving a
8 week olds retrieving a teal
Some of our Boykin Spaniels at work
Fall Flight Boykin Spaniels is proud
to be recognized as a Gold Level
Preferred Breeder by the Boykin
Spaniel Society. Our Boykin
Spaniels come from a long line of
excellent hunting dogs with a proven
heritage. They are good looking,
hard charging hunting dogs that can
turn it on in the field and turn it off in
the house.  
A strong desire to retrieve, strong prey drive, excellent dispositions, as well as health and longevity, are all
strong traits in our boykin spaniels.   A common sense attitude and a good work ethic are also strong traits
in our dogs which combine for good trainability.  We carefully select our breedings to give their offspring
the best chance of maintaining these traits the Boykin Spaniel is known and loved for.  
boykin is 15 1/2" to 18" in height and Weighs 30 to 40 lbs. A female Boykin ranges
in height  from 14" to 16 1/2" and  weighs  25 to 35 lbs.  Their coat color is
Chocolate or Liver and range from smooth to wavy, and even curly.
Boykins truly are a versatile hunting dog and family companion. Being a "spaniel",
they are excellent upland dogs.  They have a natural quartering instinct as well as
they are great little duck dogs.  They love the water and their strong inherited bird
drive is what causes them to believe that they can retrieve anything a big dog can.
Fall Flight
   Boykin Spaniels
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